Simply Bliss

Coupons are awesome, BOGO’s are a life saver, and Target clearance is simply bliss!

Glass bottles are awesome, recycling glass is a decor life save, and glass… is simply bliss!!

Ice tea is awesome, coffee is the AM life saver, and chai tea is simply bliss!!!

God is awesome, Jesus is a life saver, and having both in my life is simply bliss!!!!

Yesterday while having an unpleasantly slow day at work, and perhaps a bit of self pity, it made sense to reflect on a few things that make me happy as much as a kid in a candy store. I have been a poor blogger the past few weeks. I’ve put most all projects to the side as we prepare for the big trip back to charming town. I’ve had my head in library books, a spending quality “walking the beach” time with Eric.




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