Design Bag

So, I am officially on a roll with this damn hot glue gun. Despite the several surface burns on my fingers, I think I got the hang of things with it. I decided my design bag needed a little something extra.

My bag is pretty basic, with no snaps for easy access. I keep some books, paint samples, measuring tape, and a notepad in it, most of this time. This time I just happen to have a cheap roll of wrapping paper from the target dollar spot, and my old laptop. See that note pad up top? I JUST completed it! Blog post coming soon with that. So I took some simple fabric flowers, and pearl brands, and then glued them to the bag. Oh, BTW the bag was also found in the Target dollar spot.

By attaching a few embellishments to a simple bag, I was able to add some personality without taking away from the amazing texture this bag presents.


2 thoughts on “Design Bag

  1. Nice job on the bag!
    I think we should get together and make matching beach bags and then actually make a date to go to the beach…. 🙂


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