Journal Makeover

So the other night I got this itch for a new journal. How could you not, while roaming Barns & Noble, near closing time, during the most stupendous thunderstorm this year. Eric quickly took me away, because he understands my journal obsession more then anyone. I have around 7 journals here at home, and another 15-atleast in storage, back in Michigan. So vs. spending more $$ on a journal, I used some craft supplies I already had at home.

I hot glued the front with pattern ribbons, and then some thin solid ribbons. Both spools I found on clearance at Michaels for about $.50 each! I added 3 brads to the front, after bending the metal prongs.

Everything turned out great, I even wrote the the draft to this blog in it. One thing I wish I would have done is used elmer’s glue over hot glue because it left bumps.

Since the lease is up at the end of October, my home projects are put on hold. I suppose I may remodel a few more journals!

Total Expense: $0.00, with the journal being a gift from a friend, and the art supplies already in my art my art bag, I was able to create a new look for my design journal.

Also, have you checked out my new header? Check out MMR creations


2 thoughts on “Journal Makeover

  1. Hey there….. Gosh its been waaay to long sense I have read your blog…shame on me! LOL but anywhoooooooooo….Im lovin it! You have a great way of expressing yourself…very enjoyable reading….
    I need to make a habit of reading this………it makes me feel closer to you.
    Love ya 🙂

  2. Hopefully now that I am back from FL, I can concentrate on my website!! Thanks for advertising 🙂 As soon as I have everything completed, I plan on advertising you as well 🙂


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