Autumn… my favorite season EVER!

A few years back, I put together this clever fall inspired center piece as a gift for my hubby on sweetest day. It’s kind of similar to a husband buying a tool set for his wife, but he keeps it in his garage. LOL, no but Eric really liked the gift. His favorite season is fall, just like me! So starting with the inside out this is what I did. I picture up some cream colored card stock envelops, and stamped them with my favorite bible verse, also featured in our wedding bulletins. I used bold fall colors, like red, orange, even a gold. I filled the bottom with some fabric leaves I picked up from a dollar store. The vase we already had, and the leafy vine I got at Michaels. Each envelop was filled with special little love notes. I kept it in a place near the desk, so whenever he was feeling down, he could open a card. Something great for season, and full of lots of love.

*above picture courtesy of a google image search**


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