Spray Paint

Eric used to do contracted work, and one time, a client gave him some bar stools. They were less then impressive, but they were also free, so who cares right? Nothing a little spray paint can’t handle?

I have NO idea what made me spray paint the cushions, but for some reason I did. I think it was because Eric had the car, so an emergency trip to the fabric store was out of the question. I get impatient rather quickly, so I sprayed away.

Spray paint is a great way to spice up something, especially something free. I can always spray paint it again if I get tired of the black, and maybe add some fabric to the cushions. Which again is easy to always change out.

So while I am a nut with a spray paint bottle, let’s spray some more things!

**Note to self, and any newbies reading this, wear hand protection prior to spray painting. Ruins manicures instantly!**

So by taking some left over christmas pine cones, ribbon from a costume, and a flower vase from valentines day, you have a new center piece. We displayed this near the TV, coffee table, and bar. I’d show you it now, but I took it apart to create something else, I think? You will soon get to know that I have several different projects going on at once. Like I said before I’m quick to get impatient. Must the the ADD I picked up while working in retail. 🙂 Though, I prefer to call it multitasking.



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