Motorcycle Prayer

When I lived in northern Michigan, I got the privilege to help this sweet lady, and her older son. They were so much fun, and the mother & son had a beautiful relationship. You can tell that her son loved her more than any human on this earth. During the interaction they mentioned that he was in the services for several years, and she was taking him to the local airport for a flight back home. I wished them good luck, and they were off. Continue reading….

A month later, the lady came back into to my office, with some small questions. I quickly assisted her, and asked how her son was. She instantly turned white, her eyes grew sad, and teary. Now, I am an emotional person and instantly I knew what she was about to say. 3 weeks after flying out of northern Michigan, her son was killed in a motorcycle accident. I couldn’t help but tear up, I instantly apologized, she smiled, and gave me a hug. For some reason, I think I needed that hug more at that moment then she did. I really just wanted to kick myself in the mouth, because even though I didn’t know, it brought her more pain to explain it to me.

Throughout the next month or so, she would stop in to visit me, and try to give me something. Just so happened I was either on vacation, or it was my day off. Some other co-workers said they would pass a message along too me, but she wanted to see me in person. She brought me a copy of her sons obituary, with a letter from her son. You see, the mother never liked her older son riding motorcycles, but he insisted, and enclosed in the letter explained why.

He said it was his time with God, where all he could hear was the motor of his motorcycle. His mind wasn’t clogged with the trials of life, but the beauty of the earth. It was his time with the Lord to thank him for his life, and everything he is blessed with. From what I remember the son sent the letter to his mom prior to the accident. He told his mom in the letter that he knew it was dangerous, that even though she didn’t like it, to please understand.

The accident was investigated, alcohol was NOT involved nor was he speeding. He was also wearing a helmet when it happened.  I don’t have children, so I really don’t know what the lady was going through, and it hurts to even imagine what it would be like. It’s things like these that are unexplainable, but even though it is a tragic, your heart is still filled with warmth, and hope.



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