Panel Gift Wall

It started with a few panels I painted on the wall, with clean modern lines. The intention was to hang 3 black a white photos per panel, but since I can’t decided on what photos to hang, or the frame itself, the panels are left un touched. While I had all my christmas decor laying around in a big mess on my dining room table, I decided to turn the panels into gifts. Tiffany gift boxes to be exact! Though I don’t personal own anything by the glorious jewelry company, I enjoy the creations with much love.

Since the gift boxes are just a temporary set up, I wanted to be sure to it was an easy clean up. I used frog tape painters tape to be sure that when I remove the ribbon, I won’t take paint with me. Then with hot glue, I tact on the glitter snowflake to the layered ribbon.

Pretty, simple, and totally re-doable next Christmas!


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