I Work Out

The photo on the left was taken about a year ago. Eric and I were still living in South Florida, and decided to take a day trip to Daytona Beach to visit some family. The photo on the right was last week. Until that day, I thought I still looked like the women on the left, I mean I felt like that women still. I was wearing a size XL top, and squeezing into a size 18 pant. 69lbs lost and I’m wearing a medium top and a size 12 bottom.


Sunrise in South Florida

One last sunrise before we move out of Florida. Eric couldn’t come along because he is still on the road, but it was a peaceful morning and a chance to reflect on the present and the future.
The below photo was my favorite shot of the morning. Sunrise took about 30 mins longer then the estimated time because of the clouds. When it finally happened it was breath taking.
Psalms 103:12 “As far as the east is from the west…”

Girls Weekend 2012

Jamie, Jina and I are really close friends, the surprising fact is that we are all family. Jina is my mother in law, and I married her son Eric. Jamie is my sister in law and she married Jina’s son Brian. A few months ago, when Eric took a new job, it would mean he would be away for a few months. During that time Jina came up with the idea that the 3 of us would have a little Girls weekend at my apartment. Pretty cool the 3 of us get along as well as we do to, because we had a blast. The weekend was full of cooking, tanning, crafting, and matching tattoos. Took us some time to figure out what we wanted, and after much planning and meetings with the tattoo artist we finally picked something. Jina made the final product with all her photoshop skills. The tattoo is 3 hearts, each representing our favorite colors, with wispy details around them. I personally did my tattoo black and grey with white hi-lights. I’m not one for color tattoos myself. I did keep the original artwork to be framed in my new apartment gallery wall. We had so much fun celebrating our first girls weekend, that we are planning one every year now! The plan is to save all coins, and dollar bills for the next year. 
Original artwork 
 Here we are at the tattoo shop before the tattoos started. It was an all day affair, but a lot of fun!
Here I am in the tattoo chair with my stencil in place. This is my “I’m so excited but I know this is going to hurt smile. Then my sis Jamie photo bombing. I love her!

Before I looked in the mirror I had Jamie take a quick snapshot. Still screaming red! 

Finished product that night after I took the bandage off and adding some healing ointment. 

Showing off my new ink the next day.
So even though the tattoo was a family affair, it was also to mark a milestone of losing a total of 20lbs. I also got my -30lbs tattoo before I technically lost the 30lbs. I will talk about that when I loose that total amount. 

Kate Spade Inspired Canvas

I used a tutorial found here, inspired by Kate Spade, and pinned over here. ¬†More¬†importantly, I tagged Kate Spades twitter account while posting it to my instagram feed, and they replied back. I’m star struck don’t you know?
I used 3 types of card stock, matte, shiny, and glitter, all in the same color family. I used a cheap canvas ($9.99 for 2 via Michaels), and then hot glue. I bought a 2inch hole punch with a 40% off coupon. I’m loving this little project, and considering making a few for gifts.

My favorite Dandee Breakfast Joint

Through the spices of instagram, I bring you my favorite breakfast place, though the soup and grilled cheese is amazing too. I usually opt for a bacon and cheese omelet, unlimited coffee and rye toast.
Before we leave, we stocked up on a 1/2 dozen muffins for the weeks by. They have a great spread of sugar free, and low fat muffins. Some of my favorites are lemon poppy seed, apple bran, apple cinnamon, carrot raisin, and blueberry bran.

Panel Gift Wall

It started with a few panels I painted on the wall, with clean modern lines. The intention was to hang 3 black a white photos per panel, but since I can’t decided on what photos to hang, or the frame itself, the panels are left un touched. While I had all my christmas decor laying around in a big mess on my dining room table, I decided to turn the panels into gifts. Tiffany gift boxes to be exact! Though I don’t personal own anything by the glorious jewelry company, I enjoy the creations with much love.

Since the gift boxes are just a temporary set up, I wanted to be sure to it was an easy clean up. I used frog tape painters tape to be sure that when I remove the ribbon, I won’t take paint with me. Then with hot glue, I tact on the glitter snowflake to the layered ribbon.

Pretty, simple, and totally re-doable next Christmas!