My favorite Dandee Breakfast Joint

Through the spices of instagram, I bring you my favorite breakfast place, though the soup and grilled cheese is amazing too. I usually opt for a bacon and cheese omelet, unlimited coffee and rye toast.
Before we leave, we stocked up on a 1/2 dozen muffins for the weeks by. They have a great spread of sugar free, and low fat muffins. Some of my favorites are lemon poppy seed, apple bran, apple cinnamon, carrot raisin, and blueberry bran.

Panel Gift Wall

It started with a few panels I painted on the wall, with clean modern lines. The intention was to hang 3 black a white photos per panel, but since I can’t decided on what photos to hang, or the frame itself, the panels are left un touched. While I had all my christmas decor laying around in a big mess on my dining room table, I decided to turn the panels into gifts. Tiffany gift boxes to be exact! Though I don’t personal own anything by the glorious jewelry company, I enjoy the creations with much love.

Since the gift boxes are just a temporary set up, I wanted to be sure to it was an easy clean up. I used frog tape painters tape to be sure that when I remove the ribbon, I won’t take paint with me. Then with hot glue, I tact on the glitter snowflake to the layered ribbon.

Pretty, simple, and totally re-doable next Christmas!

Snowball Glitz

Get it? Snowball Glitz, ballroom blitz? Ok so that may not have been as funny as I was hoping, but at least you have some 70s rock to listen to while you read, though Christmas music may be more appealing while reading about my glitz snowballs.
Supplies Needed:
     Flat matt wall paint
     decorative cheap balls 
     paint brush
     plates, paper towels, newspaper
     protective gloves
     epson salt
     fine grain iridescent glitter 
First I attempted to hand paint each decorative ball, but realized I don’t have enough patience, but the paint brush came in handy later. I decided to dip each ball into the paint (wearing gloves), and then using the paint brush I worked through the paint while it dripped off back into the paint can.
After almost all the paint dripped off, I sprinkled the salt and glitter mixture abundantly, then placed on a paper plate. Keep the paper towels handy because the salt works some chemical magic and the water will¬†separates¬†itself from the paint compounds. Kind of messy so bloat the water so it doesn’t soak through the plates, or mess up the snowballs.
After they dried overnight, I assembled them in a goodwill serving bowl, with fun silver ornaments, old painted pinecones from a few years ago, and placed in the living room mantel. Also known as living room storage.

Glam & Glitz Center Piece

Can I just say that I am UBER impressed with my center piece. I lucked out and didn’t buy a single thing for my center piece. So even if the center piece isn’t impressive, the fact that I didn’t buy anything for it this year IS uber impressive. 

I started with 2 trays from the target dollar spot, that I spay painted 2 years ago black. Then I centered and unscented clearance candle (from Target), in the middle of some snow drift candle holders that I made last year (mod podge brushed random goodwill vases then rolled in an epson salt and fine grain iridescent glitter). I had some Target dollar spot ornaments I laid around the candle holders, and then some large pearls from a costume jewelry necklace I broke last year. I’m glad I saved the beaded because my Christmas center piece went from glitz, to glam and glitz!